About Your Product

Period Panties SA

For those unfamiliar with the concept, period panties are underwear that absorb your period just like other sanitary products. It is a fresh solution to an old problem. The panties are made with 3-4 layers of quick drying, super absorbent fabrics that absorb fluids and hold moisture in, preventing odour and fluid leaks. Period panties look and feel like your ordinary panties. The difference is in the absorption material and fabric composition in the extra layers that include; moisture-impermeable polymer layer, double moisture-absorbent layer, and a moisture-wicking layer.


The aim is to supply and provide our customers with a more sustainable, reusable, durable and affordable solution to a very messy and expensive problem that women go through month on month.

How To Use

We know that each woman is unique. Our menstrual cycles are just as unique as we are. Some women have a heavier flow, some have moderate, light or even a combination of any two or all of the above. How you use your period panties is definitely up to you. For example, you might find it comforting to use your underwear as an extra barrier of protection from leakage; or as a complete alternative and replacement of traditional feminine hygiene products. Either way, we have a range of products that are suitable for any need you have.

Other Reasons To Use Your Period Panties

Occasional Spotting

Defined as light vaginal bleeding outside your regular period. Typically involves small amounts of blood.

Moderate & Heavy Sweating

Often caused by anything tight in the crotch area or skin rubbing against fabric, which builds friction & heat.

Mild Incontinence (bladder leaks)

Slight loss of bladder control, varying from loss of urine from sneezing, laughing or coughing.

Regular Discharge

Typically clear or milky and may have a subtle scent that is not unpleasant or foul smelling.